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Care Instructions

Please clean your products with a dry, soft cloth by hand. Use water or detergent only in case of emergency, otherwise the color or protective layer may suffer.

We recommend the regular application of beeswax balm or leather care, so that your products remain resistant, supple and elastic. Especially surfaces with acrylic paint will otherwise suffer quickly. Also, avoid bending them heavily or moving them against their natural tension. It can also help to apply a sealer or finish paint if you notice that the surface is being heavily stressed.

If you notice a scratch or crack, you can often close it with some wood glue. If the acrylic paint is affected, seal it again afterwards.

If a thread breaks in one place, you can carefully melt it with a lighter. Our saddle stitching should avoid the rest of the seam from opening.

We can recommend the following care products:

Bense & Eicke Beeswax Leather Care Balm.
ArmorAll 3in1 Leather Care
Angelus Satin Acrylic Finsher – Color Sealer