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Our latest products

EDC Pouch

EDC Pouch

This small case is the perfect companion for your everyday life - whether for glasses, pens or folding knife. It offers enough space for quick access to the essentials and your EDC equipment.

Molle Bag

MOLLE Belt Bag & EDC Organizer

This leather bag is something for everyday use. It offers enough storage space for small equipment and 2 tabs for knife or flashlight.

EDC Organizer Red

EDC Organizer

This EDC organizer stows your equipment with style. The red leather with a contrast stripe with abstract design is a real eye-catcher. It offers multiple straps for pens or items with clips.

Knife Pouch

Knife Belt Pouch

This knife belt pouch safely stores your knives on your belt, whether Opinel, Böker Speedlock II or other knives. The abstract painting is a unique design.

Belt Strap Promo

EDC Belt Clip

This clip keeps keys, gloves or other daily companions safely on the belt. It has a carabiner and a tab with button to have your equipment quickly at hand.

Fieldnotes Cover

Leather Notebook A6

This notebook has a wet embossed pattern on the outside and is a great companion for your everyday life. The inside of the notebook can be easily changed. The cover protects your notes from many external influences and makes a perfect gift.

Leder Oni Samurai Maske

Oni Samurai Mask

This hand-sewn leather mask is an absolute eye-catcher and for your next costume on Halloween or for cosplay. It is modeled after a Japanese Oni - a kind of demon or devil.

Leather repair & custom work

We also make personalized or custom leather products upon request. Or are you attached to your favorite piece? We also offer repairs for your leather products. The following products & repairs are possible:

  • Knife sheaths & holsters
  • Bags & wallets
  • Repair of motorcycle clothing & gloves
  • Collars & harnesses for dogs and other animals
  • Armors & helmets for roleplayers or cosplay
  • And many more

This is how it works…

What makes the difference?​

Made to use, not to spare.

Why is your favorite shirt, your favorite shirt? What is your favorite knife? Your favorite shoe? We built our items with passion, make them durable and useful. We love building them and we hope you love using them. But for those who love specs:

Who is it for?

People who don't want to buy twice.

Handcrafted goods are for those who believe in quality. They are pricey and other people tend to buy new items instead of repairing them. We want you to keep your equipment and make it part of your history.

Grüner Punkte Label

With this logo, we would like to show that we are a customer of Grüner Punkt ["Green Dot"], and thus wish to fulfill our obligations to participate in the system in accordance with the Packaging Act. The goal: closing loops, together for our environment.

What others say about our work?​

Share your ideas and feedback and we may build if for you.

“This is awesome! I’m sure if you were to make a YouTube video showing how you made this a ton of people would hugely appreciate it.”

LyLyV here

“This is a great idea and execution. […] Your sewing is so impeccable […]”

gnomereb here

“This is such an awesome idea and they look great.”

myrgd here

“It is awesome and really practical. Thank you so much!”


“That looks so good. […]”

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How can I repair my item?

Check out our Blog or YouTube channel.

Our products are built to last, but sometimes things are getting rough and after a hard day, you can give them a little love. We want to show you how.

Cork Bag

What materials do we use?

We try to upcycle and experiment.

The conventional leather craft relies on many proven techniques.
However, today’s market offers various alternatives and room for experiments. In addition to the classic leather crafting, we also use vegan leather (e.g. cork or cactus) in some projects and sometimes we resort to parts that would otherwise have been thrown away e.g. leather scraps or old fire hoses.

We pay attention to where we buy our materials and how they were made. We only have one planet.