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EDC is a lifestyle. It’s more than just having tools on hand in case of emergencies, it’s about being prepared for anything — even if that means carrying around some fun stuff, too.

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What means Everyday Carry (EDC)?

Everyday Carry (EDC) is a form of living. People, mostly men, are inspired from crafts, tactical and other purposes to carry tools, knives and gadgets that make their life easier.

It’s all about having the stuff you need, when you need it: tools, gadgets, accessories — all within easy reach. Stuff that adds utility to your life every day.

It is
a lifestyle and kind of philopsophy. It is not restricted to work days and can vary on occasions. This can mean having a set of tools that make you feel more comfortable, whether at home or a different kit on an adventure away from home.

And while EDC can mean something different for everyone, some elements are common across many people’s collections: knives, flashlights, pens and notebooks… the list goes on! For example if you like collecting knives then perhaps your EDC would involve changing your knife on a daily basis. This can also be the case with other items like fidgets. Some people match their EDC based on their clothing style or occasion – e.g. you would not bring a full-tang fixed blade to a wedding in a suit.

EDC Variant

What is the history of EDC?

EDC has it’s roots in military and crafts and goes back many hundreds of years. The first standing army is believed to have formed back in 2250BCE in Mesopotamia.

If you think of ancient soldiers and guards they have armor and swords. This was their daily equipment. Standardization of equipment plays an important role in the history of EDC. But Human nature strives for a mixture between belonging and individualization. I think it is safe to say that, when people started to personalize their equipment e.g. by getting a custom knife/armor/sword an archetype of EDC was born.

EDC History

But even in a non military context in the old days, a man’s knife was his tool. It was a symbol of his trade and independence, and it was as much a part of him as his pants.

In the modern days EDC is heavily influenced by male stereotypes and preferences. Which is not a bad thing, but is interesting to watch. You can clearly see the effect of marketing refering to military – labelling things as tactical – and nostalgia when e.g. referring to cowboys and the wild west.

EDC Knife

EDC has become an internet phenomen. With the rise of social media and internet forums people were able to share insights and their daily equipment. The subreddit of EDC was created 2009 and has grown to 410k Carriers (2022).

Today there are more professions, so there are more kinds of tools and gadgets to use in your everyday life. Each kind serves different purposes: some are made for woodworking others for the office; others for hiking; still others for tactical use. Information is widely available and people are sharing reviews of equipment, so that you do not have to buy and test it.

Why Is EDC So Popular?

As said before human nature strives for a mixture between belonging and individualization. EDC is a personal challenge to be prepared for everything a day can throw at you (I think I read this one on Reddit). An EDC enthusiast may like to collect things and to enjoy using his tools – because why should you save money on something that you use every day?
He may also have a technical faszination or likes certain aesthetics e.g. the metallic or tactical look. Another motiviation can be that they indentify with a certain type of living (e.g. military) even if they follow another profession. Some people call it “male cosplay” – but who cares.

It is a hobby and lifestyle you can talk about and research for hours. It is really satisfying to find a tool that solves your everyday problem and get inspirations on the internet. The encouragement and fascination of the EDC community is unique. So that if you find somehting new or search for a solution you cannot help it you just talk about it. There are YouTube Channels, Instagram Accounts, Pinterest Posts, Blogs, Shops, Forums, Reviews and many more touching points.

EDC Overview

A very popular entry point is the video of former “MythBuster” Adam Savage talking about his EDC – which was published in 2013 and has more than 3.4 Million views (2022). People may think “I wanna be like this guy” and do their research on certain EDC Tools and now they are in the rabbit hole.

For some people the desire for individual equipment even pushes them to craft their own equipment. The community of EDC and MYOG – Make Your Own Gear – have a lot in common. People are sharing and selling templates for that purpose. Checkout the MYOG Subreddit if you want to learn more.

If you want to learn more about the EDC community I can recommend this article from VOX – “Meet the men obsessed with carrying all the right stuff”

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EDC Pouch
EDC Pouch
EDC Organizer Red
EDC Organizer
Molle Bag
EDC Belt Pouch
Belt Strap Promo
EDC Organizer
Fieldnotes Cover
EDC Notebook A6
Knife Pouch Side
Abstract EDC Pouch

What are the benefits of EDC?

Carrying tools and gadgets around in your EDC kit has a variety of positive impacts on your life:

  1. It makes your life easier
  2. It can reduce stress
  3. It saves you time & energy
  4. It is a great topic to talk about
  5. It will make you more organized
  6. You will look out for quality goods
  7. You may support small businesses & crafts
  8. You become an expert in blades, steel and sharpening
  9. You can feel more fulfilled
  10. You build a reputation

It makes your life easier

This one is pretty obvious. You carry these things to be prepared and have the right tool at your side.

It can reduce stress

Many people carry fidget toys around, that can reduce stress. Others play with their coins or knives and others write thoughts down in their notebook.

It saves you time & energy

Ever used the wrong tool for a task? There is nothing like prying something out with your prying bar instead of your finger nail. Same for pliers, tweezers or cutting something instead of ripping it off.

Outdoor view background

It is a great topic to talk about

It is a great converstion opener, if you crack a beer open with your EDC tool at a party or help a guy with some of your tools at the office.

It will make you more organized

You will want to have your gear accessible. Therefore you need to know where it is. You will add different sized bags and pouches to your EDC and even store it organized if you do not carry it and leave it at home.

You will look out for quality goods

When you get your first quality knife and compare it to a 20€ knife you ordered on Amazon, you are likely to get hooked. Same for other tools, you will value them and they may last a lifetime.

butt stitch

You become an expert in blades, steel and sharpening

This one is likely because you may research on equipment. You will learn about durability and purposes of knifes. At some point a blade of yours may get dull, that is when you check on the first sharping tutorials.

You may support small businesses & crafts

EDC is a passion for many craftsmen. As you value quality and specialized products in your EDC kit you may find yourself supporting a small bladesmith you saw on social media.

You can feel more fulfilled

Having nice and shiny things feels good for many people, but you may not only look at them. You will use them on a regular basis, have a story to tell to each item and you may feel a little bit happy everytime you open your kit and start to use your tool.

You build a reputation

The first time people see you with a knife or a special tool they may get iritated. A common question is “Why do you carry a knife? Do you want to stab someone?”. I like to say “a knife is a tool, not a weapon”. But when you have found a good EDC kit, people will remember that you helped them and you will become the “got-to-person”, that has a solution.

Tools Background

What makes a good EDC kit?

An EDC kit is a very personal thing, but the community values the following points:

  1. It is fast accessible
  2. It is in the sweet spot of practical and light
  3. It is durable
  4. It is legal to carry
  5. You like to use/carry it

It is fast accessible

The more organized you are and the lighter your kit is, the more you will be able to get out your equipment faster. For a leather worker it makes sense to put their knife on his belt and not in a small case in his backpack.

It is in the sweet spot of practical and light

At the one hand you want to be prepared for everyday life. At the other hand you don’t want to carry a large bag everywhere you go. So there is a sweet spot EDC guys look for.
Another good indicator is that you
don’t want to add or remove something to/from your kit.

EDC Storage

It is durable

You don’t want your knife to break, when you need it – or that your pouch falls apart in the middle of the street.

It is legal to carry

There are the good guys, carrying what they can justify, and then there are those who exaggerate. People who carry weapons only to show off or feel powerful are the ones who put a bad light on EDC. Fortunately there are enough responsible people.

You like to use/carry it

I cannot stress this enough: EDC is a hobby and lifestyle to enjoy. There is nothing wrong with changing equipment, stepping up or down – if you want to carry two knives, because one is for smaller activities and one for more powerful, do not get put down by some trolls on social media.

painted leather edge
Durable Leather Edge

What is the difference between EDC, Prepping and Bushcraft?

EDC, Preppers and Bushcraft have a lot of things in common. They value quality tools and most of them carry a knife. The difference is in the purpose, frequency of carrying and the philosophy.

Bushcrafters are are less about modern technology and more into surviving outdoors. They focus on skills like setting up camps, finding water, navigating, hunting animals. A bushcrafter can carry their own EDC equipment, but an EDC guy working in an office won’t carry fishing hooks or a compass.

Preppers are likely to carry things to survive under certain conditions. They prepare for “doomsday” scenarios this can be war, nuclear fallout or the zombie apocalyps. Very few EDC guys will carry iodine tablets or a hand operated radio, because this would bulk up their kit and would not be used frequently.

EDC Outdoor

What affects EDC?

There are some influences that affect your Everyday Carry depending on where you live and what you do for a living. These are:

  1. Local Laws
  2. Cultural Standards
  3. Work Restrictions
  4. Parental Influences
  5. Personal Preferences
  6. Available Space
  7. Clothes & Style
  8. Occasions

Local Laws

As mentioned before do not carry things that are illegal. In Germany for example (out The Front) Switchblades are illegal – so no Microtech knifes. Sometimes states restrict to certain blade lengths. Always be informed, especially when you travel.

Cultural Standards

In France there are many people who carry Opinel or Laguiole knifes. In Turkey many people carry a lemon cologne for refreshing air and desinfecting things. So it is likely for you to carry these things as well, when you are from there.

Work Restrictions

If you work in a bank or at high security spots you won’t carry a knife. Other professions like police or even astronauts (who carry the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife) have a standardized equipment. People spend a lot of time at work, that is why it affects their Everyday Carry.

EDC Knife Style

Parental Influences

Imagine your father alway carried a multitool and at the age of 12 you got your own. You are likely to carry a multitool for the rest of your life.

Personal Preferences

This is obvious you only carry what you like and need. EDC is very personal. You try things, you have a favourite color, get gifts you like – all this affects your EDC.

Available Space

If you can carry a small pouch on your belt you can carry more than just in your pockets. If you also have a backpack you carry everyday you can put in there even more. If your space is limited you will think twice before adding bulky equipment.

EDC Colors Style

Clothes & Style

If you like to dress a certain way, your EDC may match that. If you are wearing a suit you are less likely to wear a bushcraft knife. Some people like to dress dark and buy equipment that is black as well. Others like video games and may buy equipment that looks like a weapon skin.


EDC varies from day to day, from job to job and from week days to weekends. Are you at work or at a party? Do you want to test your new knife in the woods? There are a lot of possibilities.

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Our handsewn leather goods are made to last.
EDC Pouch
EDC Pouch
EDC Organizer Red
EDC Organizer
Molle Bag
EDC Belt Pouch
Belt Strap Promo
EDC Organizer
Fieldnotes Cover
EDC Notebook A6
Knife Pouch Side
Abstract EDC Pouch

How to find good EDC equipment?

Finding a good EDC kit and good equipment is not easy, but it maybe fun. Here are some methods to find your EDC equipment:

  1. Trying out
  2. Go to the store or explore online shops like Etsy
  3. Social Media like YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok
  4. Build your own gear
  5. Make your own reviews

Trying out

You can change your equipment daily, so try out things. Maybe lend something from a friend. There are also knife circles passing knives weekly.

Go to the store or explore online shops like – Etsy

To get inspired check out stores – if you have an outdoor store in your city, checkout out what they offer. Ask the vendors what they recommend. There are also a lot of online stores or platforms like Etsy (handmade & small companies) that arespecialized on EDC gear.

EDC on Etsy

Arctical Crafting on Etsy
Arctical Crafting On Etsy

Social Media & Forums like YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok

Follow some experts or watch some reviews on social media. There are influencers that make high quality videos of what they carry, discussing the advantages and disadvantages and testing EDC equipment. If you have a question reach out to people in the comments, write something in a forum or on Reddit. Some interesting Links:

Arctical Crafting – YouTube – DIY & Reviews
Execessorize Me – YouTube – Reviews & Inspirations
/r/EDC on Reddit – Forum

Arctical Crafting EDC Social Media
Arctical Crafting On TikTok

Build your own gear

Like mentioned before some people are craftsmen and really good at DIY projects. If you need something and nobody offers it, try to build it. Maybe others have already build somehting similiar and you can search for templates.

/r/MYOG on Reddit – Forum
/r/Sewing on Reddit – Forum

Make your own reviews

An important part is that the community is well connected. If you are the first to review something the community can benefit from it. And if you do a review you are likely to deep dive into the product and maybe use it more versatile to discuss every side/use of it.


If you are into DIY Projects we recommend checking out our other articles:

Beginner’s Guide to Leathercraft – 10 Tips and Tricks
Guide – How To Sew Cork Leather?


What tools get usually carried in EDC?


From our experience these are the most carried items. Having theses EDC essentials in a kit fit most people and will be used almost daily:

  • A knife
  • A pen or pencil
  • Headphones
  • Wallets & Cardholders
  • Keys, keychains
  • (Sun) Glasses
  • Smartphone & Cases
  • Notebook or Tablet
  • Watch(es)

Clothing & Accessories

Some people may not take this items into account, but as you wear many of them daily you can do research on it as on every other equipment and they can serve a certain purpose: 

  • Belt
  • Caps / Hats
  • Functional Clothing (Shirts, Cargo)
  • Gloves
  • Umbrella
  • Hanks
  • Perfume
  • Patches
EDC Flashlight

* These links are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and purchase through this link, we get a commission from the online store or provider in question. For you the price usually does not change, but it helps us to finance our content. You can find more information about this at Privacy Policy. When using these links your data will be collected and stored electronically.



This category is very personal. Not everyone needs a flashlight daily or certain crafting tools, but if you do you will care about its quality and choose it wisely:

  • Multitool
  • A flashlight or headlamp, snap lights
  • Camera
  • Electronics (like usb sticks, adapters, chargers, powerbank, wirelesse mouse/keyboards or other input devices)
  • Hygenics (Face Mask, Desinfection, Wipes, Soap, Lip balm, protection, sunscreen)
  • Crafting Tools in General (screwdrivers, axes, sandpaper)
  • Pliers & Tweezers
  • Prybar
  • Ear Protection
  • Dry Stash & Dispensers
  • Weapons & Safety Equipment Knuckle, Kubotan, Pepper spray
  • Lighter & Fire Steel
  • Slings
  • Compass
EDC Electronics

Stress Relievers & Activities

This may not be relevant for everyone but if you have some free time in your daily travel to work e.g. on the train you might want to carry a fidget:

  • Books, magazines, mantras & inspirations
  • A notebook/sketchbook
  • Coins
  • Dices & playing cards
  • Fidgets, worrystones
  • Snacks
EDC Fidget


Depending on the size of your EDC kit you will also carefully select your storage or organizer to make everything available fast and store it securely:

  • Backpack
  • Organizers, pouches, trays and cases
  • Belt clips & Mounts
  • Holsters


As EDC is about personal preference and life design there are some more uncommon things to carry. This category stores all stuff that “makes YOUR life easier”, but may not fit anybody:
  • Flasks
  • Beads, Carabiners & Paracord
  • Straps, duct tape, Zip ties, fishing line / Hooks
  • Sewing needles
  • First Aid & Medics
EDC Backpack

Where to store your EDC?

To get the most out of your EDC, you’ll want to find a way to carry it around with you as often as possible. The best place for your EDC is where you can get to it quickly and easily. The more often you use something from an kit, the more important it will become for being able to access quickly and easily—and if it’s in a place where getting at it requires time-consuming fumbling around with clothing, then chances are high that something else will happen before (if ever) reaching into those hidden pockets!

We like to categorize it into accessible levels, a higher level means more storage, but more time to access:

  • Level 1 – Pants or Pockets
  • Level 2 – Small Pouches
  • Level 3 – Backpack
  • Level 4 – In reach e.g. parked car
  • Level 5 – Not carried, but stored at home

Level 1 – In your pants and pockets

This one is probably the most common way people carry their EDCs because it’s easy and convenient. If there’s any extra room in the front or back pockets of your pants (or shorts), then this is where I’d recommend putting at least some portion of your everyday carry items if possible. Some people carry cargo or work pants which increases the availability, but not everyone likes to walk and move with these.

Level 2 – Small Pouches

If you carry something you only need 3 or 4 times a day like a train ticket or keys you can put them into a small pouch freeing space for other EDC items in your pockets. Some people like to wear a belt pouch or fanny pack – this gives still a high accessability, but less weight in your pockets.

Leather Bag
Arctical Crafting EDC Organizer (MOLLE)

Level 3 – Backpack

This is where you should put the items you only need once a day or on a few days a week. You are save to carry it, but do not need to carry the weight all day in your pockets. It is also suitable for larger items like your tablet or laptop. Some people combine the small pouches with a backpack e.g. when attaching a small pouch to the arm sling e.g. using the MOLLE ( = Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment ) system.

Level 4 – In reach e.g. parked car

If you have items you rarely use, but there is no alternative to these your daily equipment should have a level 4 storage. Common cases are tools in a car or a bag with your sports clothes in the trunk. You know where it is and can still access it, but you do not need it right at hand.

Level 5 – Not carried, but stored at home

This point is often underestimated. Part of the EDC game is also an organized storage of your gear. You do not want to search for your second favourite knife too long. Some people use tool carts other organized drawers like the IKEA’s Elloven. As usual you want to find things fast and be able to rotate your equipment through occasions or week days.

* These links are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and purchase through this link, we get a commission from the online store or provider in question. For you the price usually does not change, but it helps us to finance our content. You can find more information about this at Privacy Policy. When using these links your data will be collected and stored electronically.

Your EDC is about who you are — and who you want to be.

For many people, their everyday carry is a reflection of who they are. It’s what they bring with them every day, and it can tell others about their passions and interests. Your EDC can reflect your personality in a very literal way by matching the clothes you wear or even expressing your favorite colors. A simple black leather wallet may be an understated but elegant choice that matches your business suit as well as a more colorful backpack might match your favorite pair of jeans or weekend outfit.

All those small items that we have become accustomed to keeping on our person at all times (or at least most times). In addition to these items which are required for living comfortably in modern society (when not at home), there are certain other objects which may be considered part of an EDC because they fit into one’s personal style preferences and/or serve some functional purpose (such as certain tools).

Wilds Background

What makes someone’s personal collection unique is highly subjective and it’s fun to figure out what you need/want and to get inspired by others.

With the EDC lifestyle, you’re becoming more prepared for your day-to-day tasks and life’s unexpected bumps in the road. You’ll be more organized and ready to handle whatever comes your way.

For many years, men have carried their everyday items. Nowadays though, there are more options for carrying and individualizing your EDC. Whether it’s in your pants, an extra belt pouch or a backpack, your EDC is about who you are — and who you want to be.

Why Arctical Crafting is into leather EDC gear?

Fieldnotes Mount
Belt Strap Promo
EDC Organizer Red

Knives and tools are our passion. Our founder got his first knife from his grandfather and discovered his fascination for knives and EDC. Leather is a great material – it’s robust, looks awesome and stores your equipment safely. Crafting leather EDC equipment is a great way to follow your passion and doing something with your hands. 

If you want to support our passion check our our latest handcrafted products.

Our latest products

EDC Pouch

EDC Pouch

This small case is the perfect companion for your everyday life - whether for glasses, pens or folding knife. It offers enough space for quick access to the essentials and your EDC equipment.

Molle Bag

MOLLE Belt Bag & EDC Organizer

This leather bag is something for everyday use. It offers enough storage space for small equipment and 2 tabs for knife or flashlight.

EDC Organizer Red

EDC Organizer

This EDC organizer stows your equipment with style. The red leather with a contrast stripe with abstract design is a real eye-catcher. It offers multiple straps for pens or items with clips.

Knife Pouch

Knife Belt Pouch

This knife belt pouch safely stores your knives on your belt, whether Opinel, Böker Speedlock II or other knives. The abstract painting is a unique design.

Belt Strap Promo

EDC Belt Clip

This clip keeps keys, gloves or other daily companions safely on the belt. It has a carabiner and a tab with button to have your equipment quickly at hand.

Fieldnotes Cover

Leather Notebook A6

This notebook has a wet embossed pattern on the outside and is a great companion for your everyday life. The inside of the notebook can be easily changed. The cover protects your notes from many external influences and makes a perfect gift.

Leder Oni Samurai Maske

Oni Samurai Mask

This hand-sewn leather mask is an absolute eye-catcher and for your next costume on Halloween or for cosplay. It is modeled after a Japanese Oni - a kind of demon or devil.

Leather repair & custom work

We also make personalized or custom leather products upon request. Or are you attached to your favorite piece? We also offer repairs for your leather products. The following products & repairs are possible:

  • Knife sheaths & holsters
  • Bags & wallets
  • Repair of motorcycle clothing & gloves
  • Collars & harnesses for dogs and other animals
  • Armors & helmets for roleplayers or cosplay
  • And many more

This is how it works…